Stringsta is an online hosted collaboration platform available either as a free ‘open to all’ creative space or as a private network for collaboration behind closed doors

Register with the BBC Mancunia project to try Stringsta

Once registered you can log in to use the full functionality of Stringsta. Unregistered users can view content but can’t respond to it or add any of their own.

With Stringsta you can:

  • add content anywhere on a map to create branching narratives
  • easily edit your content at any time
  • mix video, audio, image and text in the same node
  • view strings as a slideshow
  • play strings as continuous video or audio
  • view text as a continuous document for saving and printing
  • create sequences of content from nodes in any order

Create content with others

Collaboratively map out video, audio, image and text content as nodes along a string, then use our unique editing and sequencing tools to create multiple versions of the narrative

From a single starting point:

  • storyboard an entire creative process
  • construct a video shot by shot
  • write a report combining resources from multiple authors
  • create alternative versions and let others decide the best
  • create soundtracks from multiple sources