Collaboration is at the heart of learning and Stringsta offers simple, powerful tools to engage learners in a richly creative learning process

Girl Learning with Laptop

Secure online hosted collaboration environment

  • With secure access to your private learning network, only those with your permission can view and interact with content
  • Configurable to your needs for any number of learners for a monthly subscription
  • integrate data from other resources - no need to scrap what you already have!

Richer learning journeys

  • mentors can create structured pathways through content to stimulate collective responses
  • suitable across entire curriculum
  • mentors and teachers can support and assess students interactively
  • project groups can plan, generate, review and edit video, audio, images and text in one highly interactive visual interface

See how the BBC is using Stringsta

Storyboarding tools enable:

  • collaborative planning and generation of rich media reports, field observations, experimental data
  • collaborative creation of scripts, videos, sound tracks and slideshows
  • archive of an entire creative process
  • peer review

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